Michael O’Keefe has kicked off the latest project that has social sustainability at its heart. Working with the prison and probation services we have successfully completed the first of many EUSR SHEA courses.

Supporting ex-offenders seamlessly move back to work and society with those all-important safety credentials that are needed from day one is often a logistical nightmare. But with the support from Carole Bishop and the team at EUSR its now a reality.

Previously it’s not been possible to ensure offenders leaving prison are in possession of the necessary skills cards. Lack of flexibility and support from some bodies meant that offenders could only take courses and tests after they have left prison.

Creating a time between leaving prison and starting work is always the most important period, but ensuring they have the correct certification to start work on day one of release drastically cuts reoffending rates. That’s why this project is so important.

Probation Training